Our Projects

One-to-one Tutoring for Adults
You’ll work with a trained, volunteer tutor for an hour per week. You set your own goals, and work at whatever pace is best for you.

Many of our adult learners are reading at a grade school level. We help people at beginning literacy levels (how to read instructions on a prescription bottle), up to working on getting a High School Equivalency certificate like the GED or HiSET. We don’t do tutoring at the college level, though.

LLL Unbound: Programs at the Jail
We provide three programs at the Grant County Detention Center. Parenting and Poetry help residents identify their emotions and how those affect behavior. Self-reflection leads to insights about how to make better choices. Read2Me connects jail residents to their children, who are not allowed to visit. Our instructor tapes the parent reading a children’s book aloud, and we send the book and DVD to the child.

Instruction for ESL and Citizenship is confidential. We never require social security numbers or ask about citizenship status.

ESL: Speak/Understand Read/Write English
Our instructors emphasize being able to speak and understand English in the community. We have one evening class, or learners can work individually with a tutor.

Studying for Citizenship
The US Naturalization process is demanding and complex. Our tutors help people study for the questions on the test, but can also provide guidance about which version of the exam to take and how to obtain all the required documentation.

Let’s Read
Our Let’s Read project brings about 23,000 free new books to Grant County schoolchildren every year. Having books in the home has been shown to improve reading ability in children, but many Grant County families don’t have money for children’s books. Our volunteers bring new books to the nine Grant County elementary schools three or more times per year. Kids choose their own books (another predictor of reading success).

Special Projects
In addition to our ongoing tutoring and book distribution projects, Literacy Link – Leamos develops and executes special projects to meet community need. In the past we have provided workshops on computer use for adults in Silver City, Bayard and Santa Clara. In fall 2019, we taught a job skills series to high school seniors at Silver High School. In 2020 we plan to help Grant County residents fill out Census 2020 forms.