Our Programs

Adult TutoringWe Specialize in Tutoring
Literacy Link-Leamos specializes in one-to-one tutoring. Each learner works with one tutor, for at least one hour per week. This type of learning works well because it’s learner-centered and collaborative. Together, the tutor-learner pair determines what to study, at which level to begin work, ultimate and intermediate learning goals, and the pace of instruction.

Our Tutors Help People With...

Basic Adult Literacy: Adults who read and write at a 6th grade level or below, including adults who can’t read or write at all
Basic Math: Adults who need help with the math of daily life
Pre-GED: People who are working toward their GED but are at a 6th to 10th grade level
GED prep: People working at a 10th grade level or up, who want to prepare for the GED
Basic Computers: How to keyboard, use a mouse, use email, use the Internet, get on Facebook
English: We have tutors who specialize in ESL and ESOL, for those who want to improve their English
Citizenship: Tutoring to prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam

We Give Books!
Let's Read book donation project aims to acquire and give twelve books a year to each of the 2,200 school children in the nine public elementary schools in Grant County. That’s 26,400 new, age-appropriate books!! Let’s Read goal is to improve literacy in English among young children by placing free books into children’s hands and increasing the number of children’s books in the family home. Literacy starts at home and access to age-appropriate books in the home is critical for a small child to build literacy skills. Let's Read visits schools at end-September/early October, mid-December, and in May to give the children books to read at home during school holidays. Since October, 2001, Let’s Read has given over 230,000 books to elementary children. Over thirty volunteers help with the project. Let’s Read is grateful to the many volunteers and the funders who support this important project. Let's Read also gives away new and donated used books to people of all ages at our popular Love Your Library Day and at other community events.

Our tutors visit the Grant County Detention Center to teach classes in Parenting and Poetry. We also run "Read to Me Daddy", a program that helps incarcerated men remain connected to their children, who are not allowed to visit the detention center. We videotape and make a DVD of a father reading a children’s book out loud. Then we deliver the DVD and a new copy of the book to the child.

Support for Other Community Programs
Literacy Link-Leamos can tutor people who are enrolled in other Grant County programs and classes. We collaborate with Watts Hall Adult Education Services, New Mexico Probation and Parole, Drug Court, First Born, and other agencies working to help adults improve their educations, job prospects and lives.